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Bringing the party to you!  All Of your Brand Name Favorites with a full line of party rental equipment.  Bounce Houses, Inflatable Jumpers, Moon Walks, Water Slides, Games and Much more!
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Inflatable Jumper Bounce House Moonwalk rentals in Phoenix Arizona, water slide rentals, bounce house rentals phoenix, Disney Character Jumpers
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Water Works World Phoenix, Lil Sun Splash Arizona, All Star with Basketball, Challenge, Games
Disney Princess Inflatable Jumper
Disney Princess Inflatable Bounce House
Disney Princess I - 15'x15'
Disney Princess II - 15'x15' Party Rentals Phoenix Arizona
Strawberry Shortcake Inflatable Jumper
Tinker Bell Magic Inflatable Jumper
Strawberry Shortcake - 15'x15'
Tinker Bell Magic - 13'x13'

Shrek Inflatable Jumper

Shrek - 15'x15'
Scooby Doo - 15'x15'
Disney Pirates of the Caribbean
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Inflatable Jumper
Pirates - 13'x13'
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 15'x15'
Pixar Cars Inflatable Jumper
Cars - 13'x13'
Mickey Park - 13'x13'
Sponge Bob Inflatable Jumper
Toy Story 3- 13'x13'
Sponge Bob - 15'x15'
Batman Inflatable Bounce House
Tropical Island - 13'x13'
Batman II - 13'x13'
Red Castle Inflatable Jumper
Disney Fairies - 13'x13'
Red Castle - 15'x15'
Challenge 4 Inflatable Jumper
Inflatable Water Slide Lil Sun Splash
Challenge 4 - 15'x18'
Lil Splash - 22L x 14W x 12H
Big Kahuna Inflatable Water Slide
All Star Basketball Game
Big Kahuna - 36L x 15W x 17H
Mini All Star - Comes with 8 basketballs- 10x9x8
Water World Phoenix Arizona
Water Works - 25 L x 12W x 16 H
Phoenix Arizona Party Rentals Inflatable Jumpers
Official Disney Characters
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